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A nuclear power plant (NPP) is a thermal power station in which the heat source is one or more nuclear reactors. This Forum is to discuss all research available regarding the worlds Nuclear power plants
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Radiation levels difficult for public to obtain, understand
0320 over a year ago
A Chart to Better Understand Radiation Levels
0292 over a year ago
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons
0194 over a year ago
radiation monitoring links
0217 over a year ago
San Diegos' San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
0297 over a year ago
Radiation Dosage Chart
0155 over a year ago
Video pictures of Units 1 to 4 at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station are available.
0315 over a year ago
Tokyo Radiation Hotspot Discovered By Officials
0219 over a year ago
Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian Nuke Plants In Lockdown Posted by EU Times on Sep 25th, 2011
0472 over a year ago
Were NORAD And Shadow Gov¬?t Bases The Nuke/Quake Targets?
0452 over a year ago
101 East: Asia¬?s growing addiction to nuclear energy ¬? video
0253 over a year ago
Alert issued at Callaway nuclear plant ends with no problems
0246 over a year ago
Nuclear lessons unlearned How many more chances will we have to learn from the nuclear failures of the past?
0229 over a year ago
Japan cut in two? Prime Minister Kan: 30 million in Tokyo faced evacuation scenario ¬? ¬?I wasn¬?t sure whether Japan could continue to function as a state¬?
0358 over a year ago
Bob Nichols, Veterans Today - recent Fukushima articles ..."All nuke reactors leak, all the time. - Bob Nichols, Veterans Today"
0878 over a year ago
Siemens to quit nuclear industry
0144 over a year ago
¬?Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo¬? (VIDEO)
0185 over a year ago
9-6-11 Japan nuclear power plants to close
0210 over a year ago
Slow-moving, major typhoon to hit Japan this weekend ¬? Heavy rainfall expected for Fukushima, disaster zone September 2nd, 2011 at 02:48 PM
0235 over a year ago
Black smoke seen rising from North Anna nuclear plant after Virginia quake September 2nd, 2011 at 10:07 AM
0354 over a year ago
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